‘A worker-run cooperative of artisans with disabilities, run by and for Cambodian artisans’



atthan Artisans Cambodia is a local social enterprise that has been established in 2004 as a showcase of talents for Cambodian disabled artisans (weavers, woodcarvers, tailors…) as well as an opportunity of socio-economic development for vulnerable groups. Watthan has now grown as a sustainable independent enterprise run by and for Cambodian artisans.The brand is also regarded as a leading player in the recent rebirth of Khmer fine craftmanship, with its unique and premium designs that combine ancestral savoir-faire and modernity.


Our impact

Watthan Artisans Cambodia employs more than 200 disadvantaged artisans: weavers, woodcarvers, tailors and silversmiths throughout Cambodia.


90% of the staff are women and their income directly benefits to 400 families.


90% of the profit is reinvested in improving social advancement for our staff and creation of new employment opportunities.