Estelle Houver opens her jewellery box

On the first floor of her house in Yutz, Estelle Houver assembles, mixes and polishes polymer clay with a dexterity acquired over the years. A lover of creative hobbies since she was a child, it was only in 2008 that she discovered this multifaceted material. From her “not very convincing” beginnings, she jealously guards her first pieces, necklaces and bracelets, which she displays with a smile.

This Alsatian of Alsatian origin, dietician reconverted after several years in human resources and personal services, has developed a know-how more and more advanced obtaining aspects close to that of stone, wood, enamel, metal or horn.The range of her creations is increasingly wide: pendants, earrings, bracelets, key rings, etc. She makes polymer clay into what she wants, or almost, for a sometimes surprising result.

“In my bubble”

Her collection around the theme of the hot-air balloon inspired by her husband, a balloonist, is reminiscent of driftwood inlaid with multiple colours obtained through the use of pastels.On his table, a daffodil yellow bracelet, ring and necklace set made for a designer competition is being finished” I first work on the shape and I gradually cover it with the pattern I want”.

Then come the steps of firing at 110°C, polishing with five different grains and polishing to obtain the desired shine. Between creating jewelry and dietetics his heart is balanced” Why choose when I can do both? It’s as if you were asking me to choose between my two children…”, laughs the Yussoise. What about her inspiration? “It often comes to me from a colour, a pattern or an outfit.Sometimes even from the mixture of polymer paste scraps of different shades that leads him to make new ones that are not in the catalogue.” When I create, I think of nothing else, I’m in my bubble.”

His objects sell for between 10 and 30 euros. “It’s not only the mass market that makes costume jewelry at affordable prices. Handcrafted products are also beautiful and unique.”

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