Gift ideas for a well-shod Christmas

Christmas is synonymous with traditions ...and (great) pleasures.So, just because the sports halls are closed, just like the cultural places and the restaurants, we will deny ourselves to go out well shod.even luxuriously shod if we turn to the specialist in the field, JM Weston.A craftsman with incomparable know-how who has been manufacturing - since 1891! - all his shoes in his Limoges workshop.Shoes of a perfect finish, but also robust, durable, and terribly comfortable.True luxury!

In this regard, the French manufacturer - which is preparing to transform its Parisian boutique in the Marais into a cultural gallery - is continuing its “Vintage” project in 2021, an initiative which aims to give a second life to old models.

Finally, if JM Weston was more familiar with moccasins with a little old school look, it should be noted that the manufacturer also offers sneakers that take all the codes of sports shoes, but with the details specific to the brand of luxury.

The supple skins of this “On Time” version in smooth calfskin make it deliciously comfortable and the monogrammed rubber sole provides the right subtlety that sets it apart from its peers.Sneakers that fall right on time to take their place under fir.

"On Time" sneakers in smooth calfskin, JM Weston, 490 euros,

Princess shoes

Let it be said: since Jean Castex gave us permission to feast on the New Year (curfew respected, promised) we are delighted to finally be able to adorn ourselves with clothes of light.has not happened, roughly speaking, since December 31, 2019.

Posted Date: 2021-01-02

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